The Path

The dominant religion of the Summerfolk, The Path is as much a philosophy of life as it is a religion. It is a religion driven by laws passed down by Telim the Daystar to the Great Seers of the past, and restored to glory by Great Sage.

As practiced, The Path consists of a wide array of rituals, prayers and codes of behavior believed by its followers to foster a strong and healthy communities.

Principles of The Path

The core principle of The Path is Unity. All people live under the same sky and so people must work together. This means forming communities and caring for each other, as well as banding together to drive out destructive elements. In war, it is a rallying cry.

The second principle is Wisdom. Though not all followers need be priests or visionaries, The Path places great value not only on hard work but of mindful work and awareness. In this way the philosopher, the warrior and the artisan are all held in high regard: those who work hard to gain an understanding of their art and the world are all Great in the eyes of the Daystar.



Originally all was formless chaos, neither light nor dark. Nothing could exist, until the great lights first shone. With their light, they gave form and substance to the world.

And the greatest light was Telim, the Daystar, whose strength and wisdom shaped the world into a place of glory and beauty.


Within cities and towns, the Summerfollk cremate the dead, and enshrine at least a portion the remains in mausoleums. They believe that the purifying flame releases the spirit from its earthly bounds so it may return to the heavens. On the battlefield or afield, where cremation may not be tenable, a candlelight funeral may be performed, such that the spirit might pass through the cleansing fire before the body is buried and surrendered to the elements.

Grave sites are always marked so that any who pass by may remember those who came before, and offer a prayer for the harmonious passage of their spirit.

The Path

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